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Your story
In 2009, a group of professionals from different areas of knowledge came together to found an entity in order to develop new projects, ideas and programs based on a new model of sustainable and entrepreneurial development in the third sector, being more fair for current and future generations.

Your objective
The main objective of the entity is to trace new paths, develop ideas, create new programs and design projects that are of interest to society, and therefore strategic for achieving Institutional, Environmental and Social objectives. All this in favor of an improved and more evolved model of development, with greater equity and sustainability for current and future generations.

our foundation
Based on these foundations, the Equatorial Amazon Institute - AME - a non-profit civil society organization that brings together a considerable number of institutional lines of conduct, as well as seeking to organize sets of actions, arrangements and experiences in pursuit of the imperative of Entrepreneurial Sustainability.

Thus, we meet the social and environmental demands, with a vision linked to the world's urgent needs, respecting and favoring all organized civil society through the exchange of knowledge, the transformation of reality and with safe and responsible relationships.

After its formal constitution, the Institute chose as its headquarters the city of Manaus-AM, located in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, considering that its innovative goals could be realized more quickly if the Institution were to organize itself as close as possible to the sphere in which strategic decisions are taken for the North of the country.

Our Pillars


Encourage the creation and development of innovative and competitive projects, through management support and support services that promote successful ventures and contribute to the social and economic development of the Northern Region of the country.
To be a reference in innovative management and entrepreneurship processes, promoting cooperation between society, government and private initiative in the North of the country.
Ethics and Transparency; Sustainability; Entrepreneurship and Innovation;
Economic, Social and Environmental Responsibility;
Valorization of Human Capital;



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